Internet Movie Rental

Written by Wes Farrell
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Internet movie rental companies offer a combination of convenience, selection, and service, that outshines many traditional video stores. In addition, Internet-based DVD rental is usually much more economical than renting from a brick-and-mortar video store. While video stores charge a set price for every rental, and add an additional balance to your account if the movies are not returned to the store on time, Internet services provide unlimited rentals for a flat monthly rate. Internet movie rental services don't charge late fees either, and instead limit the number of simultaneous rentals allowed per customer, in order to ensure the quick return of DVDs.

Online rental services often feature a much wider selection than what can be found at a neighborhood video store. This means that they're more likely to stock hard-to-find DVDs, and are also likely to have more available copies of the most popular DVDs.

Internet Movie Rental Advantages

In addition to the convenience of selection and price afforded by online DVD rental services, you can select your DVDs from the comfort of your own home. After you choose your titles online, the service immediately mails them to your home, along with addressed, pre-paid envelopes for quick and convenient returns.

Thanks to a searchable online catalog, Internet movie rental services allow you a much greater degree of service than traditional video stores. If you're browsing for a DVD in your neighborhood store, you're usually limited to reviewing titles by category only. However, online rental services allow you to search their inventory by keywords, as well as customer recommendations, allowing you to discover new choices that you might have never come across otherwise.

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