Kids Dvd Movies

Written by Serena Berger
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Thanks to the MPAA, every movie that is released has a rating on it so that parents can know which movies are and are not appropriate for their children. The rating system, however, does not provide you with any information on what the movies are actually about. At your children's urging, you might find yourself sucked into watching the latest Pokemon movie, with characters that are unfamiliar to you but whom your children recognize by name.

That is not to say that adults cannot appreciate cartoon characters such as the Care Bears and Jimmy Neutron. It is surprising, however, the amount of violence that can present even in animated movies. The scheming and machinations of villains over whom the hero will ultimately triumph can be scary to young children. Photon blasters and exploding ships in deep space are only a step removed from guns and exploding cars. You should look up any movies that your children want to see and find out what really happens in them or how other parents feel about sharing them with children of different ages.

Kids DVD Movies that are Not Animated

Rather than relying on animated movies to provide you and your children with entertainment, there are times when you might prefer to watch engaging actors in family-friendly fare. While children may not be able to appreciate the subtleties of some independent films, you do not have to sacrifice your own cinematic standards to find a DVD movie that you and your children. For example, children might enjoy watching sports movies such as The Mighty Ducks in which a team of misfits work together to accomplish their goals. Adults tend to find movies like this significantly more palatable then some of the cloying fare that goes straight to video.

While you might enjoy watching high-octane action movies such as Torque and XXX, these movies may not be appropriate for your children. Between movies that were released in theaters and movies that went direct to video, there are literally hundreds of movies geared towards a younger audience. Some may even be full length features of cartoons or shows that they watch on a daily basis. These are sure to be hits for your children, and great options for their parties or guests as well.

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