Movie Reviews

Written by Rylee Newton
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Movie reviews can make or break a movie. With just one review, a film can go from the top ten list to the bottom of the barrel. Movie critics are very powerful in Hollywood. They can influence what movie becomes a blockbuster, and what movie goes straight to video. The unfortunate thing about this power is some movies get overlooked for one bad review. That's where rental services come to the rescue.

When you rent DVDs you are essentially giving today's top movies a second chance. This is easy for the top movies, but not so easy when it comes to unknown films. Just because a film received bad reviews, doesn't mean it's not worth checking out. You can't rely entirely on the opinion of your favorite movie critic.

When it Comes to Movie Reviews, Everyone has an Opinion

Sometimes the best movie reviews come from friends and family. Even if a movie is not a mainstream hit, it may still be a personal favorite. When you go to the video store and all the new releases are gone, don't go home empty handed. This is a great time to check out some of the movies your friends have been suggesting for years.

Whether you read today's movie reviews or listen to the suggestions of friends, it's important to stay open to all suggestions. Sometimes the least likely source can introduce you to your favorite movies. One overlooked source is the Internet. You can find reviews from professional critics, or you log onto the many personal websites of movie buffs.

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