Music Games Online

Written by Serena Berger
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Both the X Box and PS2 feature the ability to play CDs. With the X Box, you can copy tracks directly to the hard disk and build your own custom mixes to be incorporated into video games or for listening through your stereo system. Music was not just an afterthought of the system design, however, as there are some games that cater specifically to music enthusiasts.

The X Box Music Mixer allows you to act as the DJ for the night. It facilitates transferring MP3s from your computer to the X Box. From there, you can keep the lyrics to a song and change the beat or use it as a karaoke machine. While most karaoke machines just have a fixed catalog of songs, you can use the Music Mixer software to copy the lyrics from any song you own, creating an infinite karaoke catalog for you and your friends. You can use the online capability to download new songs or visualizations, as well.

Getting a Workout with Music Games

If you want to get up and move to the music, both the PS2 and X Box can bring the popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) into your home. Playing requires that you purchase a dance pad to use as a controller. This game can provide head-to-head competition, and some versions have online capabilities so that you can challenge someone online or even set up a tournament.

Music games provide endless hours of entertainment. Unlike many other video games, these are truly interactive, as you are not following a script or controlling other characters. The advantage of online capabilities is that you can download new material such as music tracks to use on your own or play against other competitors whom you would not otherwise have known.

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