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Written by Wes Farrell
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While the action-comedy genre may have lost some of its appeal thanks to a slew of mediocre buddy movies over the last 20 years, there are still plenty of great DVD releases in this category. Online DVD rental services can be a great way to rent your favorite action-comedies, as well as discover new rental choices. Unlike brick-and-mortar video stores, which can limit your browsing to genres, online rental services usually provide a searchable database of their inventory. This allows you to search out new films by plot keywords, as well as find movies recommended as similar to your current favorites.

British writer/director Guy Ritchie is the man behind a few of the most popular action comedy films of the last few years. Ritchie's knack for incorporating liberal amounts of sharp humor and witty dialog into a tangled web of interweaving storylines about gritty crime figures, has made him a fan favorite around the world. His 1998 comedy-crime caper feature film, "Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels," is a perfect example of his stylized approach to the action comedy genre. The film follows a group of friends as they try to come up with the cash to pay off a debt to a local crime boss. This central storyline is interweaved with several simultaneous events involving a bunch of hippie drug dealers, a gang of violent thieves, and the theft of two valuable antique muskets. As the film progresses, the storylines merge into a single clever, funny domino effect.

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Ritchie's follow-up film, the 2000 British action-comedy "Snatch" continues his signature style, while upping the ante with an even larger assortment of interrelated stories. The large cast also features several American movie stars, including Brad Pitt, and iiYYYi9 its ensemble of eccentric characters. The film merges a number of storylines that involve the theft of a very large diamond, an underground boxing operation, a gypsy traveler camp, and a vicious crime boss with a reputation for feeding his enemies to a pack of wild pigs, into a smart, funny crime caper.

Another recent action comedy DVD release is the feature film remake of the TV series "I Spy." While not a great film, this DVD is enjoyable for the performances of costars Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy. Like the popular 1960's TV series on which it's based, the movie follows the adventures of two super spies who travel the world incognito as a famous athlete and his associate. In the original series, Robert Culp played an agent who was also a popular tennis pro, and comedian Bill Cosby was the spy who posed as his trainer. This remake features Eddie Murphy as a boxing champion, recruited to assist spy Owen Wilson, who poses as his manager. The film features the humorous pairing of Wilson's low-key, understated comedic talents, with Murphy's manic, motor-mouth delivery.

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