Online Video Game Rental

Written by Wes Farrell
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Online video game rental is becoming a popular alternative to renting video games from traditional retail outlets. Gamers who rent online can expect to save money by paying only a low monthly membership fee to their online game rental club. After the fee is paid, members are entitled to unlimited rentals for the month. The only stipulation is that the number of simultaneous rentals is limited to three games, which must be returned in order to receive more choices.

When you rent a video game from a local store, you must usually agree to return the game by a certain date in order to avoid paying late fees. As a result, if you're somehow prevented from returning the game on time, you begin to incur additional charges for every day that the game is late. Online game rental services offer a more relaxed approach to due dates, and usually only require that you return a game in order to receive another one. To make returning games as convenient as possible, most online services include pre-paid, addressed envelopes with every game rental, allowing you to simply drop the disc in the mail when you're finished.

Online Video Game Rental Service

Many gamers choose online game rental services as the most convenient and economical way to rent the most popular games without any hassles. One such top rental is the role playing game "Jade Empire" for the Microsoft Xbox console. The game, a synthesis of Chinese mythology and classic Kung Fu flicks, allows players to select from six major characters, each with particular strengths and weaknesses.

Characters often encounter each other in hand-to-hand combat, which plays out through pixel-specific contact, making the fights much more intricate than those in many rival games. Although the world of "Jade Empire" is filled with many action-packed battles, players must strategically plot their progression through the game's complex storyline in order to come out on top. As a result, "Jade Empire" is an action-heavy role playing game, combining the best aspects of arcade-style action games, with PC-style strategic adventures.

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