Online Video Game Shopping

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Shopping for video games online can help you access a much wider selection of choices than you would be likely to find at your local video store. Online game rental services provide unlimited rentals each month for a single flat monthly membership fee, making online video game shopping a cheaper alternative as well.

One of the top current video game rentals for Xbox is "Psychonauts," from Double Fine Productions. This third-person game challenges players to manipulate their way through increasingly complicated obstacles in a story that alternates between the events in the outside world, and the spooky happenings inside a mysterious character's mind. The game might appear deceptively simple at first, but the relationship between the physical and mental worlds can create many challenges.

Online Video Game Shopping For Xbox Titles

In the mental world, gamers travel though the mind of a mysterious character, completing standard video game tasks such as climbing and lifting, while also having surreal encounters with floating memory fragments, and mental cobwebs. Images floating through the mental world contain clues that can help you restore the mysterious mind that you're traveling through. While journeying through the brain levels, characters encounter many subtle, fleeting clues as the mind processes random images. Depending on which clues you choose to follow, the game can progress in several different directions.

"Psychonauts" has a unique appearance, as the characters and settings are designed in stylized animated fashion, as opposed to ultra detailed 3D rendering found in many popular games. In addition to its enigmatic premise, the game is also winning many fans thanks to its humorous undertones.

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