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Written by Wes Farrell
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Amid several video games tied to the new "Star Wars" film, the one designed with the youngest audience in mind seems to be getting the most attention. "Lego Star Wars," from Edios Interactive, is a fun game that allows younger children to embark on an adventure through the Star Wars universe. Instead of using photorealistic computer animation to bring the films to life, Edios Interactive instead tells the story using a cast of Lego figures, patterned after the popular "Lego Star Wars" playsets.

Thanks to the game's appealing design, "Lego Star Wars" is starting to find more fans outside of its intended audience. While young players can enjoy the simplicity of the adventure, older more older gamers are being drawn to the game's quirky scenes, and humorous developments. "Lego Star Wars" follows a storyline that encompasses the prequel trilogy, including the current blockbuster, "Revenge of the Sith."

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"Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords" is another popular Star Wars video game. Far from the lighthearted "Lego Star Wars," "The Sith Lords" features a complex plot that fills in many of the gaps around the prequels. While the game is supposed to take place many years before any of the films, it sets up the eternal good vs. evil battle between the heroic Jedi Warriors, and the evil Sith Lords, serving as a backstory for the recent Star Wars prequels.

"Sith Lords" gamers play as an exiled Jedi Warrior with a hazy past. As the hero moves through the game, players must find clues in order to piece together his identity. Because this game features an intricate storyline that can take many hours to complete, prospective renters would benefit by getting it from an online game rental service. Online services don't charge late fees, or use due dates. As a result, members are don't have to rapidly return games right after renting them. This gives gamers freedom to rent a game like "Sith Lords," without having to worry about getting charged late penalty fees if they can't complete the adventure before the rental due date.

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