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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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There have already been several successful Playstation 2 Spider Man games based on the hit movies. However, Activision's upcoming "Ultimate Spider Man" game is a significant departure. While the other games incorporated actors, voices, and situations directly from the films, "Ultimate Spider Man" is based on the Marvel Comic books only. Activision has even gone so far as to incorporate stylized, comic book-like graphics, with characters that appear hand drawn, rather than digitally modeled. The result is a living comic book, and many scenes are even framed using comic book panels.

Marvel Comics "Ultimate" line, which includes "Ultimate Spider Man," debuted in 2000, in an attempt to introduce longtime favorite characters to a new generation. Spider Man was originally created in the 1960s, and immediately struck a chord with many young fans, being a junior high student himself. Over the years, Marvel allowed their character to gradually grow up, start a teaching career, and get married.

"Ultimate Spider Man" focuses on a 15 year old Spider man, who has to deal with just as many problems as his alter ego, high school student Peter Parker. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, and heavily drawn from in the Activision storyline, the series works nicely as a video game.

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"Ultimate Spider Man" is a third-person action game, in which the player must guide the hero through New York City, completing various tasks in order to advance the story. Players can even chose to play as Venom, Spider Man's hulking nemesis. The Venom character has different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities than Spider Man, giving gamers a chance to experience the adventure in two different ways.

One of the game's most striking features is its design, which creates the illusion of a flat, stylized comic book within the three-dimensional video game world. The game designers even outline all of the characters and objects with bold black strokes, replicating the ink outlines of hand drawn comic books.

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