Play Station Games

Written by Serena Berger
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Play Station games have essentially been eclipsed by games made for the PS2. Careful consideration of the existing customer base led to backwards compatibility in the PS2. If you were planning to purchase a PS2, then you would have the ability to play games made for the original Play Station as well as for the Play Station 2.

Those who currently own a PS2 may recognize familiar titles in the Play Station game catalog. Many games that were made for the PS2 actually have earlier versions available on the Play Station. Since the design technology was not as sophisticated for the earlier versions, the graphics will not be as crisp. If you have played through a game several times, however, and want to play through another plot, Play Station games are readily available and less costly to own.

Play Station Games Anywhere You Go

While the PS 1's functionality has not changed, it has become a more versatile gaming machine. Unlike the bulky PS2, it is compact and lightweight. With the optional LCD screen and car adapter, you can take Play Station games on the road any time. If you are planning to take a long car trip, you can pick up a couple of games and your child will be consumed with them for the length of the trip.

Children rapidly outgrow their toys, and video games are no exception. If money is tight but you want to get something for your children, the original Play Station is a practical gift. Not only is the console itself less expensive than the PS2, but games also cost much less. By the time your children get tired of the Play Station games, there may already be another generation of video game consoles on the market.

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