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Written by Wes Farrell
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"Resident Evil 4" is currently the hottest game rental for the Playstation 2 console. This new edition of the popular action-horror game series marks a departure from the chemical zombie storylines of the previous entries. While the other games were usually classified as being part of the survival-horror genre, part four adds new levels of mystery and adventure.

After following the zombie-related misdeeds of the sinister Umbrella Corporation in three "Resident Evil " video games, as well as two related movies, the new game moves the action overseas in order to confront a new kind of evil. Players enter the game as Leon, an agent charged with locating the president's kidnapped daughter.

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Leon's search takes him to a bizarre European village, populated by increasingly hostile local residents. As you guide Leon through the game, it becomes apparent that something is seriously wrong with the village's population. None of the villagers eat, and unfinished old meals are rotting on their tables. Even stranger, the townspeople go about their daily chores, seemingly oblivious to things like piles of human bones in the street. From this stage, the game becomes more mystery adventure than action, which works in its favor.

The new story approach to "Resident Evil 4" succeeds in being even creepier than the zombie armies of the previous games. The standard zombie storyline in the earlier games drew on many familiar sources, eliminating any mystery or confusion from the story. In contrast, the strange villagers of in the new game make for an unfamiliar, and therefore more frightening foe. The villagers are even presented as possessing a few zombie-like qualities, but their speed, intelligence, and cognizance contradicts popular zombie lore. As a result, gamers don't immediately understand what's going on, making the game all the more interesting.

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