Rent Chick Flicks

Written by Rylee Newton
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"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes...!" With those famous words Meg Ryan became a superstar. The movie was "When Harry Met Sally," and the scene was a little too embarrassing to mention. Meg Ryan would go on to make a living as a star of romantic comedies, working with everyone from Russell Crowe, to Tom Hanks to Andy Garcia. Meg Ryan is just one of the many actors who have made their living off something called "chick flicks."

The Many Reasons We Rent Chick Flicks

What's a "chick flick?" If you have to ask you've probably never seen one. Chick flick is a general term for movies that deal with all things romantic, from finding love, to losing love, to rediscovering love. They're called "chick flicks" because they appeal to women, but they are also popular with men. People rent chick flicks for a variety of different reasons. Whether you're feeling depressed over a breakup, or feeling like celebrating a new romance, there's a romantic movie for every mood.

Those who rent chick flicks know they're not just about falling in love. They also deal with everything from mother-daughter relationships to the bond between women friends.

When you want to rent chick flicks there are plenty of options. From classic like "An Affair to Remember" to newer hits like "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood," chick flicks are here to stay. When you rent DVDs for women you're celebrating the traditions of friendship, the bond between women, the legacy of motherhood, and the joy of falling in love.

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