Sports Games

Written by Serena Berger
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Sports games are among the most lucrative video game titles available. Many of the big names have built a loyalty base over the last few years by releasing new versions of games each year. Not only have the games changed to reflect differences that occurred in the real world of sports, but the technology behind the games has improved as well.

Online gameplay has become popular, meaning that you can play with people on the opposite side of the country if you like. Graphics have improved with each iteration of these games, making the players more vivid and realistic. Controls have also been refined to take advantage of the thumb-sticks present on both PS2 and X Box controllers.

Sports Games Draw Out Hardcore Gamers

Friends who share a love of sports and sports games can be obsessive about their weekly games. Regional and national tournaments, complete with cash prizes, are frequented by hardcore gamers--the ones that have nicknames that other people in the room recognize. Combined with online play, which allows these players to interact in a more casual atmosphere, the sphere of video game enthusiasts continues to grow.

You do not have to be a hardcore gamer to appreciate sports games. They allow players to step into game situations and make the calls. If you know someone who keeps on heckling managers and coaches, a sports game could be a great gift for him. A player may even learn a thing of two about the intricacies of the game more--but even if he doesn't, he'll surely enjoy playing his favorite sport with his favorite team or player.

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