Top 10 X Box Games

Written by Wes Farrell
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The top 10 Xbox games include newly released games, as well as enduring favorites. The first-person shooter "Halo" was recently joined by its new sequel "Halo 2" in the top 10. This popular series is set amidst a futuristic alien invasion. The "Halo" games are fan favorites due their combination of shoot ‘em up action and a richly detailed storyline. The newest installment expands on the original plot with an estimated 10-15 hours of gameplay required to complete the story. "Halo 2" also features over 20,000 lines of dialog, making it one of the most intricately plotted first-person shooter games on the market.

In addition to the nonstop action and gripping story, many gamers enjoy the various play options included in the "Halo" games. You can play the game alone, moving through the screens from the perspective of a single soldier, or with a friend, using a split screen method. Broadband Xbox gamers can experience the games as multiplayer online affairs, either fighting alongside or against various other online players. The game also features a versus mode, which allows two players to battle each other on the same console via split screen.

New Top 10 X Box Games

"Doom 3" is another top Xbox rental. This dark sci-fi adventure is the latest in a series based on the enduringly popular "Doom" PC games. In this installment, the player becomes a nameless Marine, assigned to locate an AWOL scientist at a government facility on Mars. Before long the Marine is engaged in a battle against an army of demonic creatures hidden throughout the abandoned Mars facility. Like the other games in the series, the latest edition pulls the gamer into an expertly crafted environment of fear and suspense. One of the game's most effective tricks is the absence of any background music, in favor of the occasional distant creepy sound. "Doom 3" allows players to navigate the game in the first person, moving through the gloom of the Mars facility and listening for the sounds of approaching creatures.

"Tony Hawk's Underground 2" is currently one of the top 10 Xbox rentals in America. Like all of the Tony Hawk games, this edition allows players simulate the world of professional skateboarding, completing various challenges as the develop an increasingly impressive repertoire of skateboarding moves. The game features a story that takes players around the world as they move up through the ranks of professional skateboarding. Many popular pro skaters, including Tony Hawk, lend their likeness and voice to the game. However, if you'd rather see yourself talking a virtual skate park, the game has an option that allows you to import a picture of yourself from online storage, and use it to create a character who looks exactly like you.

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