Unlimited Dvd Rental

Written by Wes Farrell
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DVD rental services allow you to get unlimited DVD rentals each month for the price of a single monthly flat-fee. The flat fee is usually about equal to the price of four DVD rentals from a video store. This means that, after receiving your first four DVDs from a rental service, you will be saving money with every additional video rented that month.

Mail order DVD services can provide you with unlimited monthly rentals, by shipping you three DVDs at a time, all of which are selected from a wish list of your top rental choices. After you compile your wish list by browsing the service's online inventory, your first three rentals are shipped to you within one to three days. When you're done with a movie, you can easily return it by using the postage-paid, pre-addressed envelopes included with each rental. Simply drop the disc in the mail, and the next film on your list will be shipped to you within a few days. This allows you to rent as many DVDs as you can watch and return each month, all for a single flat-fee.

Monthly Unlimited DVD Rental

While the prospect of unlimited monthly rentals means you can access a lot of movies at a low cost, it does not require you to quickly return each rental. Of course, you must return a DVD in order to receive your next selection., but there are no deadlines or rental periods for any of the movies. This is the opposite of standard video store policies, which charge you late fees for each day a film is returned after it was to be returned. This allows you to enjoy your selections at your leisure, without worrying about having to rush the films back to the store, or pay additional charges.

Combined with the policy of unlimited monthly rentals, the elimination of late fees and due dates make DVD rental services a much more affordable source of entertainment than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

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