Upcoming Dvds

Written by Rylee Newton
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People rent DVDs for so many different reasons. Whether you want to spend a quiet evening alone, or you want to introduce someone special to your favorite film, there's a movie for every occasion. One of the most popular sections at your local video store is the new releases section. Even though there are many copies of the latest movies, the new releases section always seems to be empty be 8:00 on Friday night. If you really want to nab the new movies, you need to do a little planning. This means locating information on upcoming DVDs.

Where to Look for Information on Upcoming DVDs

There are several ways to beat the rush when it comes to new releases. For one, you can check with your local video store. They usually have a billboard at the register that informs you of the release dates for today's top movies. If you're anxiously awaiting a certain movie you can always call the store for a reminder.

You can find information on upcoming DVDs in newspapers and entertainment related magazines like "People," "Entertainment Weekly," and "Us." These magazines know what a big deal the new releases are, and they are in the business of promoting them. You can usually find DVD rental review sections in these magazines. They not only review and rank the movies, they also tell you when you can expect to find them in the video stores.

Finally, you can find great information about upcoming DVDs online. There are promotional sites for most movies. These sites provide all kinds of information, from cast bios to film reviews, to the date when it hits the rental stores. You can also log onto one of the many websites dedicated to online movie rental. They will have a section devoted to new release, and may also provide information about what movies are going to be available for rental in the future.

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