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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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With the Summer release of the film "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith," many related video game titles are becoming popular rental choices. While the Star Wars universe has spawned a huge variety of video and PC games, the fact that "Sith" is the final film in the series seems to have inspired more new games than ever before. New Star Wars video games are available for all popular video game platforms, as well as for PCs. The games, ranging from strategic, to simulation, to role playing, to shoot-em-ups, allow players to relive the most exciting parts of the film series, and even travel into an expanded Star Wars universe beyond the films.

Chewbacca, one of the most beloved characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, makes his prequel debut in "Revenge of the Sith." In the film, Chewbacca's alien race, the hulking, furry Wookiees, battle to defend their home planet against hostile invaders. This scenario is brought to interactive life and expanded on in the new video game "Star Wars Galaxies: Episode III: Rage of the Wookiees."

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"Rage of the Wookiees" is actually an update to the multiplayer online game "Star Wars Galaxies," and enables players to explore the world of Star Wars in greater depth than ever before. The game introduces many new characters for players to encounter during their visit to the Wookiee planet. Gamers can choose to be one of several characters, such as a Wookiee, an Imperial soldier, a pilot, or even a freelance mercenary. The highly detailed role-playing adventure offers a wealth of game playing possibilities for every variable in the adventure, providing gamers with an interesting journey.

Players in "Rage of the Wookiees" can choose their own challenges from hundreds of available tasks. In doing so, players can explore the Wookiee planet, which is divided into four unique sectors, while engaging in battles, piloting spacecrafts, or devising strategies for victory over the opposing forces.

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