X Box Game Preview

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Video game rental services allow you to preview expensive Xbox games by renting them for a fraction of their full cost. Online rental services are especially affordable, as members are entitled to unlimited monthly rentals after paying a flat monthly rate. Members not only save money from the flat rate, but also thanks to the lack of additional late charges. Online game rental companies allow members to keep rentals for as long as the went them, but only allow three simultaneous rentals per customer. The lack of due dates and late charges allow you to preview games for as long as you'd like, without having to worry about running up any debts.

When you rent an Xbox game from a neighborhood store, you're usually given a rental period of one to five days, after which you will begin incur additional fees for every day the game is overdue. This makes it difficult for players to try out games that feature lengthy storylines, as they will usually be due before the game can be completed. This makes online Xbox game rental especially advantageous for fans of complex role playing and strategy games, as they're provided with unlimited time to explore their game rentals without any additional charges.

X Box Game Preview Resources

Many Xbox games also feature a preview of an upcoming release in the form of a game demo included on the game disc. Playable demos let gamers have a limited experience with soon-to-be released video game titles. Demos usually entail only one level of play, most likely the first level, or screen. Some video game rental services even provide their members with free preview discs that feature several playable demos.

Many of the Xbox demo games now being distributed by manufacturers preview a number of games inspired by popular films. The release of "Batman Begins" will be accompanied by a new game with the same title. Just as the new Batman movie is intended to restore the legendary DC Comics character to his original incarnation, the new game features an extended storyline in which gamers must guide millionaire Bruce Wayne's journey from an international playboy, to the brooding caped vigilante known as Batman. Current movies, such as "Revenge of the Sith," as well as older favorites, like "Jaws," and the Al Pacino crime epic, "Scarface," are set to debut as video games in the near future.

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