Aladdin Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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Aladdin is a poor orphan living in the street of Agrabah, not above a little thievery to make ends meet. When hiding out from the authorities, he meets another fugitive: Princess Jasmine, who has run away from her father's palace. The sultan, under the spell of the evil Vizier Jafar, wants her to marry, and she isn't about to do that. She and Aladdin hit it off, but by law, she must marry a prince.

Jafar sends Aladdin into the Cave of Wonders to bring him out riches. When Aladdin finds a magic lamp and gives it a rub, he unleashes a blue genie who talks a blue streak, and the real movie gets under way. Once Robin Williams starts spieling an unending string of impersonations, puns, and jokes, nobody much cares whether Aladdin and Jasmine get together or not.

The Role Robin Williams Was Born to Play

There just aren't many roles that can contain Robin Williams, and when he breaks out in other movies, he often sends them off course. (When he tries to play a dramatic role, it's usually painful.) Animation is the only form that can keep up with him, and the results are astonishing. His voice changes as frequently as his Hirschfield-inspired form. Kids might miss about 50 percent of his jokes, but they still know he's funny.

The rather pallid pair at the center of Aladdin can't compare to the rich array of secondary characters, including an extremely expressive flying carpet. Aladdin's monkey sidekick Abu, Jafar's bilious parrot Iago, and the aforementioned carpet ably support the genie. Songs by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Tim Rice are sprightly and funny, and the animation is well up to Disney's high standards.

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