Belly Dancing Videos

Written by Serena Berger
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Belly dancing videos are not as simple to find as, say, hip-hop dancing videos, or ballet videos. While you can find belly dancing videos for performance or instruction, you should realize some of the complex issues surrounding their production and distribution. If you view belly dancing videos, you are very likely seeing an art which people who live in its country of origin are denied.

Persian belly dancing, in particular, has a long history, and the current chapter in Iran is not a happy one. Despite its relatively modest nature (the hip and torso movements are very subtle, the attire is modest, and it is the hands and eyes that do much of the work), it has been banned by the fundamentalist government. While some women still study and perform Persian belly dancing in Iran, they may not so do for men, and often do so in secret, in jeopardy of punishment.

Modern Belly Dancing Videos

Belly dancing has thrived elsewhere in the world, however, and many people love to study this beautiful art form for fitness or pleasure. In some cases, it is important to note that what people consider belly dancing is not actually authentic belly dancing. The Dance of the Seven Veils, in particular, is not belly dancing; and while it may be lovely, it goes against the basic idea and modesty of the Persian dance.

There are many other forms of belly dancing videos. Egyptian, Turkish, and Greek are all "pure" forms of belly dancing, and then there are mixed styles such as American cabaret or goddess belly dancing, which have been designed for performances or fitness routines. You can find all these and more on the Internet with greater ease and convenience than in any stores.

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