Black Hawk Down Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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Post-9/11 war movies, like those made during the Cold War, have to bear an unfair burden of political weight. I believe that is what's responsible for the widely varying reactions to Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down. Try not to let how you feel about American troops being deployed in other lands influence your reaction to this strong, gritty film.

Terror in Mogadishu

In 1993, American troops were in Somalia to help reduce famine by keeping supply lines open against the depredations of the warlord Muhammad Aidid. A 45-minute mission was planned to send 123 troops into Mogadishu to capture two of his lieutenants. Two Black Hawk helicopters were to deliver troops which would then be backed up by ground forces. Enemy rockets felled the copters, poor communications left the ground troops cut off, and the easy raid turned into a 16-hour debacle that left 18 American soldiers dead and 70 wounded.

The gripping story of this sortie gone wrong is based on the book by Mark Bowden. Scott puts us right into the urban nightmare with the terrified and outnumbered troops and does an amazing job of allowing us to view chaos with clarity. The capable cast includes Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Jason Isaacs, Tom Sizemore, and Sam Shepherd.

The deluxe three-disk DVD edition includes extensive extras. There are complete audio commentaries, including comments by US Special Forces veterans, deleted scenes, and a History Channel documentary. Also included are several question and answer forums, a "making of" featurette and storyboards.

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