Blair Witch Experience Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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The Blair Witch Experience is the title given to the boxed set of The Blair Witch Project and Blair Witch 2: The Book of Shadows. The Blair Witch Project is a deeply unsettling and intelligently made creep fest in which all the violence takes place in your own mind. The Book of Shadows is its far less interesting sequel.

The premise of the original is that three film students go into the Maryland woods to investigate local rumors and superstitions. They are never seen again, except in the video footage from their expedition, found a year later. The amateurish technical facets, unavoidable in a film made for $35,000, become part of the film itself, and add immeasurably to its believability.

Blair Witch 2 begins with a pseudo-documentary about what's happened to the Maryland town near where these events took place. The woods are overrun with tourists and the locals are selling fetishes on eBay. Four people go on a "witch hunt," a guided tour led by a strange local resident. The ensuing events are both shown in video footage and related to the local sheriff, with widely differing interpretations.

Boxed DVD Set Offers Many Extras

There is quite a good collection of extras to be found in the boxed set. These include a 44-minute TV documentary, "Curse of the Blair Witch," some "newly discovered footage" from the original student filmmakers, a live performance by the band Goodhead, and audio commentary by the directors of each film. There's even a CD-ROM, "The Blair Witch PC Games Collection," and a pewter fetish necklace!

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