Blair Witch Project Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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Think there's no way a little pile of pebbles and sticks can scare the bejabbers out of you and make your hair stand on end? Don't put any money on it until you've seen The Blair Witch Project. With absolutely no decapitations, no machetes, no overt violence at all, this movie is as frightening as they come.

The premise is that three student filmmakers trek into an ancient forest in Maryland to document rumors of a malevolent being. They never come back, but a year later, their camera and film are recovered, and that raw footage is what we see. This clever conceit makes the low-budget, technically rough movie seem not only acceptable, but authentic. It becomes very easy to believe.

The filmmakers (the real ones) were equally clever about marketing this movie. Mock articles appeared on the Internet well in advance of the movie's release, causing initial confusion about whether it was fiction or a documentary. Once the movie opened, word of mouth did the rest. The Blair Witch Project was made for approximately $35,000 and grossed over $140,000,000 in the US alone.

Watch It Over and Over--But Not Alone

This movie doesn't really have a plot per se, only a premise and a direction. Mostly improvised by its unknown cast, it advances by subtleties and innuendo. One moment you're laughing at the bickering students, and the next you're gripping the arms of your chair in horror as a young woman turns the camera on herself to say an agonizing goodbye.

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