Caltex Records

Written by Serena Berger
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Caltex Records is the leader in Persian music. With worldwide shipping, they make great music and artists available to anyone around the world. They carry a wide variety of CDs, from pop to classical, all at reasonable prices.

Caltex Records Features Popular and Traditional Artists

Caltex Records features the recordings of Googoosh, the greatest pop diva to come from Iran, who is currently making a fabulous comeback after years of being unable to perform in her home country. Their website also features the latest news about Googoosh and other artists who have captured the public's personal interest as well as musical. While pop artists such as Googosh, Dariush, and Sepideh are the first to gain the attention of the Western world, they are by no means the only Persian artists of note.

Caltex Records also offers traditional music. Banan and Marzieh are two of the most popular and beloved artists. Traditional Persian music is played on a variety of percussion and stringed instruments such as the setar, tar, and tambur. There are also wind instruments, all of which have a distinctive, lyrical, haunting vibe and make lovely music.

Caltex Records also offers DVDs and videos of Persian musical artists. Artists such as Leila Forouhar and Shakila have released tremendously successful concert videos, which Caltex offers on DVD and VHS. You can check their online site for all the latest and best releases from Iranian artists.

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