Cheap Dvds

Written by Sarah Provost
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When you change format from videotapes to DVDs, as most everyone is doing these days, you have to replace your collection, just as you did when you traded in your cassette tapes for CDs. It can be a frustrating process if you can't find the movies you want in the format you need. It can also be very expensive.

Shop Online for DVDs and Save

Shopping online for your DVDs can solve both problems. Brick and mortar stores simply can't compete with either the selection or the prices of DVDs sold online. If you have many movies you want to replace or are buying a lot of gifts for the holiday season, you can realize significant savings.

Brick and mortar stores operate at a disadvantage compared to online stores. First of all, they have to build, staff and maintain their outlets, whether it's one small neighborhood store or hundreds of megastores flung all across the country. That huge overhead has to be made up somehow, so it gets passed on to the consumer.

Brick and mortar stores also have to keep copies in every branch, which further increases overhead. It also means that they can't keep as large an inventory as online stores. Obtaining a hard-to-find DVD by special order is time-consuming, and will probably add even more to your cost because of service fees. A quick search of online outlets for DVDs will no doubt surprise you with prices much lower than you would expect, sometimes as much as 50 to 70 percent lower.

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