Dance Videos

Written by Serena Berger
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Dance videos represent a wide array of styles and serve varying functions. Showcasing moves and traditions ranging from the hip-hop to belly dance, these videos provide ample opportunities to see different styles. You may simply want to view them for the beauty of the dance itself, you may wish to learn about other cultures, or you may want to incorporate dance videos into a fitness routine.

No longer are dance videos constrained to demonstrating formal dances. If you're looking to learn ballroom dances, videos can assist you in picking up the steps. But if your taste runs toward high-end aerobic workouts, sultry belly dance, or refined ballet, you can also find something to learn and practice alone for its many benefits in your life.

Types of Dance Videos

Instructional dance videos can be oriented toward fitness or performance. If you are looking for the former, you are likely to find moves combined and modified from many traditions, intended to tone or increase endurance. If you are looking to learn about a traditional dance for performance, you can find instructional videos in "pure" forms of dance for all skill levels.

Whether you are well-versed in your dance routines or just starting to learn, dancing provides good exercise as well as enjoyment. If you are a novice, sometimes it is difficult to jump into a class, and you would prefer to learn rudimentary movies in the comfort and privacy of your home. Some dance videos are available at fitness stores or new age stores, but for the broadest selection, you will probably want to search the Internet.

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