Driven Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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Driven was written by Sylvester Stallone and directed by Renny Harlin. Stallone also produced the film and stars in it, which goes a way toward explaining why the job of main character seems to be split between him and the guy who was meant to be the hero. Race cars are driven at incredible speeds, around the track and through Chicago's Loop. There are spectacular crashes and pile-ups, though no one gets seriously hurt. There are lots of shots of girls in short shorts and skimpy halters tops. There's also a plot, sort of.

Rocky Goes to the Races

Kip Pardue is Jimmie Bly, a talented rookie race car driver. He's under a lot of pressure, not only by his career, but also from his brother (Robert Sean Leonard) who wants to get rich as his promoter. Then there's the fact that he's in love with Sofia, the girlfriend of his main rival, and she can't decide between them. This kind of thing just can't go on!

The team manager, Carl Henry (Burt Reynolds) calls on former racing star Joe Tanto (Stallone), ostensibly to drive as second man, but really to bestow wisdom on the rookie. First, however, Tanto must first deal with his own fears. It seems there was a tragic racing accident, and he hasn't driven since. To make things worse, his ex-wife (Gina Gershon) is at the track with a younger man.

Everybody's problems get solved as easily as everyone walks away from those spectacular cartwheeling fire-spewing crashes. In fact, there's an extended happy ending to make sure we all understand that everything's copacetic. As a movie, Driven is very weak. But as a compilation of exciting race sequences, it's a winner.

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