Extreme Challenge Xxii

Written by Sarah Provost
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In November, 1988, in West Valley City, more than 6,000 people attended the first No Holds Barred competition ever held in the state of Utah. 17 bouts, nine championship contests, and two hours and 44 minutes of brawling are yours in the Extreme Challenge XXII DVD. If you're a fan of Ultimate Fighting Championships and other multi-technique, anything-goes combat, you'll love this disk.

Mixed martial arts contests have become extremely popular in the last decade. Everyone knows that professional wrestling is as much about showmanship as it is about competition. However, the UFC, Pride and Extreme Challenge competitions are, to quote the slogan, "as real as it gets."

Brazilian jiu jitsu and submission grappling are generally considered the basic techniques, but anything goes. Karate, kickboxing, akido, muay thai, vale tudo and general mayhem are allowed. A fighter must be able to compete equally well in stand-up punching such as muay thai, takedowns as in jiu jitsu, and ground fighting techniques such as submission grappling.

See the Stars in Extreme Challenge XXII

Brazilian stars Fabiano Iha and Cleber Luciano slug it out for the lightweight championship, which is decided by a knockout. Chris Brennan and Steve Horton face each other in a Super Bout. There is even a women's bout between Jennifer Howe and Terry Lukomski. Whatever kind of action you prefer, you can find it here.

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