International Films

Written by Serena Berger
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International films have carved a small niche for themselves in American culture. Most often, the films of which aficionados become aware have fared well at film festivals. In many cities, some theaters will dedicate themselves to showing international films, but these will likely be the same films form the festival circuit.

Since many people only become aware of the most popular and award-winning films, there are a myriad of films that will be virtually unknown outside of their home country. If you are bi-cultural or bilingual and want to find many international movies, you will certainly not be able to get then at your local video store. Luckily, it has easier in recent years to find shops that specialize in selling a variety of international films, especially on the Internet.

Learning through International Films

While films often serve solely as entertainment, international films present a great educational opportunity. They can serve as a looking glass into different cultures, and in some cases the religious, political, and cultural issues that have an impact on our lives as well. Filmmakers are often able to capture the subtle nuances of life that standard classroom learning cannot impart, and as natives, give the most accurate portrait of life in another country that we can see.

With the high profile of the Cannes Film Festival and others like it all over the world, international films are garnering more acclaim every day. While local stores may not be able to stock these gems, physical location no longer is a problem in viewing these films. The Internet provides a great outlet for learning about these movies and even for purchasing them.

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