Meet Angelina Ballerina Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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Angelina Ballerina is a sweet but feisty little white mouse who is convinced she will one day be a star in the ballet. She is being taught not just dance, but many things by Miss Lilly, a retired ballerina. She has a baby sister, a younger cousin, and lots of friends, as well as kind and loving parents and grandparents. Meet Angelina Ballerina tells two tales of this delightful character, based on the books by Helen Craig and Katherine Holabird.

"The Ballet Tickets" reveals Angelina's stubborn side. There's to be one and only one performance by her idols in her town, and Angelina is determined to be there. The problem is, there are no tickets available. That never stopped a determined mouse.

"Two Mice in a Boat" brings Angelina into conflict with Sammy Watts, a slightly older mouse who attends her school, loves sports and mischief, and disdains ballet. They have to decorate a boat for the carnival, but they can't agree on anything. When they find themselves in danger of sinking, they know something must be done!

DVD Extras

The DVD provides two extras sure to delight. The "Dancing in Costume" segment features students from the Royal Academy of Dance. There is also a section in which the viewer can learn to dance with Angelina. This charming DVD would make a wonderful gift for any little person whose heart is in the dance.

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