New Jack City Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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New Jack City, directed by Mario Van Peebles, was the first of a new breed of urban druglord movies. It brought African-Americans to theaters in droves, and in some neighborhoods, there was violence. Some people decried the film as a glorification of the drug trade, but New Jack City bears the same relationship to earlier blaxploitation pictures that The Godfather did to countless tired gangster movies.

Wesley Snipes is all silk and sinew as the terrifying Nino Brown. He's smart enough to see that crack is the wave of the future, powerful enough to take over an entire apartment building to create a combination crack factory and fortress, and stupid enough to believe in his own invincibility. He's never been better.

Ice-T and Judd Nelson are his antagonists Scotty and Nick, two renegade cops willing to do anything to bring down Nino and his empire. Nick knows a thing or two about addiction himself, and Scotty's mother was killed by a junkie complying with a gang initiation. They're aided by Chris Rock as a recovering addict who infiltrates the drug empire.

Gritty and Realistic

This film takes you right down into the streets, where you can almost hear the boomboxes pulsating and feel the bullets whizzing by. The unrelenting energy keeps the movie hurtling past you so fast that the occasional misstep is barely noticeable. New Jack City was a powerful directorial debut for Van Peebles, and brought the highly talented Wesley Snipes into the spotlight.

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