Persian Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Persian books are written about all manner of subjects, fictional and non-fictional, and are available from a number of different sources. The first matter to consider if you are looking for Persian literature is whether the book in question has a translation. Unfortunately, if you cannot read Persian, your selection of Persian books will be limited to those which have been translated into a language you know.

Assuming however, that in the original language or in translation, you can read the book you are searching for, there are a number of places to look. There are stores in ethnic enclaves in the U.S devoted to the art, literature, or clothing of Iran, and these will offer a number of great Persian books. Online sources, however, are likely to have an even greater variety.

Persian Books on History and Culture

The history of Iran and the history of Islam are both topics which have engaged readers of histories. As much of the rest of the world has been to some degree affected by Iran's wars of the past century--the 1979 Revolution, and the Iran Iraq War in particular--there are many people worldwide who want to learn more about the causes of these wars and the ideology of those involved. Iranian historians and sociologists consistently revise their interpretations of the subtleties of these conflicts, and write new books as new developments arise.

When it comes to creative prose, a great deal of classic Persian literature (pre-dating Shakespeare) is poetry. Poets such as Rumi, Jami, and Sa'adi are at the heart of Persian literature and are still among the most widely-read Iranian authors today. Contemporary novelists such as Saideh Pakravan, Manoucher Parvin, and Moniru Ravanipur are gaining regard throughout the world. The Internet offers the opportunity to read selections from Persian books translated into English, and will direct you to where you can buy Persian works and literature of all forms.

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