Persian Movies

Written by Serena Berger
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Persian movies can be difficult to find in the United States at typical video stores. Stores simply do not have enough space to stock movies for which there is relatively little demand, especially foreign films. If you want to view Persian movies, however, you should not be discouraged, as there are many ways to find and purchase them on the Internet.

Award-Winning Persian Movies

The easiest films to find will be those which were screened at international film festivals or won prestigious awards. Other countries are allowed to submit a film each year to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and ultimately five are chosen as finalists and one is awarded the Oscar for best foreign film. If an Iranian movie has made it to that stage in the Oscar process, it is likely to be available readily in America. Similarly, Persian movies which have won prizes at Cannes or the other major film festivals will be released all over the world.

With lesser-known foreign films, you almost definitely have to look online. Some foreign films are picked up by American distributors, which means you will be ordering from the U.S., and the movie will have English subtitles and so forth. Other films you will have to order directly from an overseas distributor if one of the American companies has not selected the film for U.S. release.

It is not just native speakers or people of Iranian descent who might want to find Persian films in America. There are many Persian movies which are beautifully produced and deserve to be seen by you or your family. There are also films which would be suitable for viewing in a history, language, or culture class for students from elementary to college levels.

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