Pitch Black Dvd

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pitch Black, a.k.a. The Chronicles of Riddick, stars Vin Diesel as a vicious criminal being transported through space to a prison on another planet. When the ship is bombarded with meteorites, most of the 40 people aboard are killed. The rest crash land on a planet with three suns, where Riddick makes an escape.

Night Time Is the Fright Time

This scorched planet has another life. Every 22 years, the three suns line up in eclipse, and the planet is plunged into total darkness for a month. That's when the night creatures come out to play. These vaguely reptilian monsters chomp down every living creature they can find, to sustain them through the next 22-year hibernation.

As luck and the screenwriters would have it, Riddick's eyes have been surgically enhanced so that he can see in the dark. The question is, will he set aside his own self-interest to help the others survive the monstrous onslaught? If you have to think about that, you haven't seen enough movies.

Everything about this movie is as standard-issue and derivative as the opening shot of a spaceship moving through the galaxy. Despite that, it's still hugely entertaining. Like Altered States, Ghosts of Mars, and other "good bad movies," it doesn't have much of a destination, but the trip is worth the ticket.

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