Commercial Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Commercial music is a term that has come to possess many meanings. For some, it refers to any song that gets constant play on a Top 40 station. For those in the ad business, however, commercial music is any tune that can help sell a product, promote a service, or generally bring in customers. While commercial music is featured in traditional radio and television commercials, it is not relegated to these formats.

Businesses are finding that commercial music is helping them reach a wider range of potential clients. Once a consumer connects a song to a certain product or image, that connection will remain with him. On a very simple level, it is like a person hearing a song fifteen years after it is popular, and instantly remembering dancing to it in the seventh grade. Sound is one of the most powerful tools advertisers can use. Commercial music allows companies to affect people who are not even focused on an ad. They could simply be walking through a store, or scanning radio stations, but when they here the music, like it or not, they will think of the product.

Using Professional Commercial Music Services

Many ads these days employ what most would call generic, synthesized music. There is nothing unique about the sound, and it often does nothing to improve a commercial or promo. However, there are professional composers who specialize in writing original music for television, radio, and web ads. The music is tailored to specific merchandise, making it a far more effective marketing tool.

These professional services will often offer news and promo packages, as well. If network programmers need something distinctive, original compositions can be created. If they want commercial music that has a particular feel, they can sample a pre-existing catalog of themes to find one that works.

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