Written by Michael Federico
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Composer is a term that often stirs images of bewigged madmen suffering for their art and tormenting all those who love them. In truth, many of the greats did fit this movie-enhanced stereotype. However, in modern times, the name composer can be given to musicians and writers, many of them completely sane, who work in a variety of fields.

Film and television have proven to be two of the best outlets for the contemporary composer. A good film score has the ability to shape and drive a movie. It can heighten emotion and create a tie between the viewer and a specific character. In television, it is a show's opening theme that garners the most attention. Many of these songs have endured far longer than the programs they were connected to.

Using a Composer in the Business World

Many television networks have used the same ideas that are behind the theme song in shaping their news shows. They use a composer to create specific music for each different program and each segment within the program. This can help keep a viewer connected to what is happening on screen, and it can help ensure the audience will return after a commercial break.

Using this model, businesses have found that a composer can help their products in much the same way that he helps the news. Different music can be linked to each of a company's items, just as it can be linked to each segment of a broadcast. The specific themes will evoke very clear images in the minds of potential buyers. The moment they hear the tune, whether they see the item or not, they will be affected. This allows the music of the composer to function as both a liminal and subliminal advertisement. If used properly, it will be effective with or without an image attached to it.

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