Corporate Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Corporate music does not only refer to bands that sign with major labels and produce songs that will be played over and over and over on the radio. Corporate music also refers to compositions, songs, and sound bites that are used by companies to represent their products or services. This has always been practiced in some form, but as corporations, especially those in the business of retail, have realized the importance of the all-powerful 18 to 35 demographic, they have begun to use music as a major sales tool.

America seems to move at a faster pace each year. There are more things to consume and far more ways to consume them. If something doesn't grab a buyer's attention, he or she can quickly move onto something else. The Internet has made it even easier for people to shop from thousands of outlets in the matter of minutes. In order to keep up with these changes, and in order to master what is generally the short attention span of consumers, advertisers have turned to corporate music.

What Makes Corporate Music Effective?

The power that music has over the human brain is still not completely understood. However, it has been clearly demonstrated that it creates rapid identification and heightens one's ability to recall. Music can also overcome language barriers. This makes it an invaluable promotional method in today's world market.

When someone sees a logo on a tennis shoe, he almost immediately knows what brand it is. Corporate music can accomplish the same effect. Only, when it is used, the consumer doesn't even have to be looking at the product.

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