Custom Music Cd

Written by Michael Federico
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A custom music CD allows a television network producer to choose from several original compositions that can be used throughout the programming day. Tracks on a custom music CD can all be of a similar nature, or they can each come from a different genre. Often, songs recorded in a different style will share similar themes that tie them together.

Companies that design a custom music CD for a network assign compositions to specific types of scenes. There are songs that are heavy with emotional content, songs that underscore action sequences, and songs for coverage of events such as awards shows that feature lush orchestrations. Companies can also develop songs for a custom music CD that closely resemble those on the pop charts.

Using a Custom Music CD for News Broadcasts

News broadcasts often feature a greater variety of music than other television programs. Themes must reflect each segment's specific feel. Sports and movie review intros shouldn't sound the same as lead-ins to more serious news stories. Working with a company to design a custom music CD allows news programmers to support every element of a broadcast in a fast, cost-efficient manner.

During years that feature ongoing special coverage, such as the Olympics or a Presidential election, a custom music CD can be created for those specific stories. A network could draw from a single source to score their coverage from the primaries through Election Day, using original compositions for each major stop on the way. This gives each segment a unique feel, but it also creates an overall style for the network's reporting.

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