Entertainment Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Entertainment music covers a variety of styles, and is prevalent in many different art forms. Film and television scoring, news segments, and radio promos are just a few types of entertainment music that can be heard today. Many websites have begun to use entertainment music, as well.

Sometimes, entertainment music will come in the form of an already produced song. Movies, especially teen flicks, continue to rely heavily on entertainment music. The actual score often plays a secondary role to the myriad of pop hits that appear in a film. This has also started to occur on TV. After the credits, many shows actually promote the songs that played during the episode.

The Effect Entertainment Music Has on an Audience

The shark barely even appeared in Jaws, but everybody knew it was there. Those few simple musical notes had the ability to terrify thousands, and keep some people out of the water for the rest of their lives. That is perhaps the greatest example of the power that entertainment music can have over a crowd.

While not all entertainment music will have, or even should have, the same impact as the shark's theme, it can affect the audience in a way that dialogue or visuals cannot. Many studies have shown that music triggers responses in the human brain that do not occur with other stimuli. It can call up memory, it can heighten emotion, and it can increase focus.

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