Film Scoring

Written by Michael Federico
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Film scoring is an art that is often under-appreciated by much of the moviegoing audience. This is due to the fact that some of the best film scoring is so subtle that it does not necessarily register with the viewer on a conscious level. It simply lingers in the background, giving shape to a scene.

Many genre movies today seem to almost share the same film scoring. Action scores have a distinct sound, horror scores have another, and tearjerkers are almost sure to bring that violin in at the right moment. Fortunately, there are still directors today who consider the score to be an integral part of the moviemaking process. Often, these directors will work with only one or two composers throughout their careers.

Film Scoring Services

For those who are making their first film, or putting together a short, finding a skilled composer is not an easy task. Finding one who understands the intricacies of film scoring is even more difficult. In recent years, companies have emerged that provide film scoring services for those who need it.

The tasks these companies undertake vary depending on the project. They can be involved from the beginning of the process, discussing mood and tempo, or they can come in after the film is shot. Either way, they will work closely with the director to create an original score that will serve the film. Employing a professional film scoring group does not mean a movie will have a composer who is any less invested in the piece than if he were hired on his own, nor does it mean that the result will be canned music that could fit any number of productions.

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