Film Trailers

Written by Michael Federico
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Film trailers serve one purpose: get people to go see the movie they are advertising. There are several different approaches to film trailers. The teaser trailer merely whets the appetite. It does not give much information away about the movie, hoping to intrigue the viewer. The opposite of that in the world of film trailers are the ones that basically show the entire plot unfolding. This has become increasingly popular, but many believe it has a negative effect on a crowd. People may be less likely to see a movie if they feel they have already seen all the good parts. Other film trailers focus on the stars, choosing not to delve too deeply into the story of the picture.

Regardless of the style, film trailers are a major part of a movie's ad campaign. While word of mouth can make a movie last, film trailers are responsible for drawing the initial crowds. As trailers continue to evolve, many are becoming like short films unto themselves.

Music for Film Trailers

Usually, the trailer is ready to go long before the score. This has led many filmmakers to use music from past films in their ads. This technique can link a movie to a previous one in the viewers' minds, but it can also overshadow the new trailer.

The other musical option is to have an original piece composed. Many of these compositions fall into generic genres. It is as though someone plugged the plot of the movie into a computer and it spit out a tune. To overcome this, composers have begun to focus more on film trailers. These professionals work with a movie's creators to lend the trailer a fully realized score. If done well, the music from the trailer can have the same effect on an audience that the music from the film will have.

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