Movie Music Scores

Written by Michael Federico
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Movie music scores have always had the ability to transcend the film they are a part of and enter into the country's collective consciousness. There are many people who can hum the theme from Chariots of Fire who have absolutely no idea what that film is about. This phenomenon will continue as movie scores begin to more closely reflect the trends in popular music.

The introduction of DVD has actually done a lot to inform the public about the painstaking work that goes into creating movie music scores. Many DVDs contain special features on the process and highlight the incredible time constraints put on the composer. The creation of effective movie music scores requires different skills than those used in the creation of a piece independent from other media. The composer must have a deep understanding of the movie and of film, in general.

Creating Movie Music Scores

Every composer has his own way of working. However, there are certain things that must occur in order to bring a score to life. Pieces of music have to be in sync with specific segments of the film. Often, the director will be involved in every step of the process, working with the composer to create a certain feel for each scene. When the score is completed, it must be arranged and recorded. These steps are often as demanding as the writing itself.

The effect of movie music scores is almost immeasurable. A great score can anchor a great film, or even improve a bad one. On the other hand, an obtrusive or weak score can negatively impact a movie.

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