Movie Trailer Music

Written by Michael Federico
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Movie trailer music, like a film score, is used primarily to inform the action on the screen. However, unlike a score, movie trailer music does not have an extended period of time to develop. It must convey the mood, action, or emotion of the film in a matter of seconds.

Trailers represent a major portion of a film's advertising. A successful trailer can generate box office numbers for a movie by creating the much sought after "buzz" that film studios are always looking for. Many trailers have very little to work with in regard to plot points and dialogue. This means that the music is often the most important element in getting the audience interested in the advertised movie.

Hiring Professionals to Compose Movie Trailer Music

With so much emphasis put on trailers, it is crucial that the music accomplishes everything it needs to. This is not only true for big budget, Hollywood movies. Many independent filmmakers use the trailer as a means to secure financing. This means that the trailer, music and all, must be as well produced as the film.

There are a number of production companies that specialize in making movie trailer music. Each project is treated as a completely unique piece of work. Original scores that reflect the film and the trailer can be composed in a relatively short amount of time, if necessary. These companies seek the input of the filmmakers, but they will also bring their own ideas to the table if it is desired of them. Most services are staffed with composers that understand the particular needs of those in the film industry, and they know very well what could be riding on the trailer.

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