Music Design

Written by Michael Federico
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Music design, which has always been important in film and theatre, has begun to play a much larger role in television over the past two decades. It is no secret that attention spans have dwindled in America. Nowhere is this more evident than on TV. Cuts continue to get quicker, commercials continue to get louder, and programmers and advertisers are doing all they can to keep up.

Almost all network promotions and commercials now have a specific music design. Usually, several factors influence the end result. The demographic the spot is trying to reach is extremely important, and it usually has the greatest effect on music design. Mood will also play a major role in the development. Each company and each network wants their product to have a very specific feel.

The Power of Music Design

Music design can do far more than grab someone's attention for a promotion, or highlight a car commercial. Sound, and specifically music, has incredible impact on the human brain. Most everyone in America, at one time or another, has been tormented by a song he or she can't stand. It simply cycles through one's mind, playing over and over. While this might not be a great feeling, it is a demonstration of how music can be used as a potent marketing tool.

With original music design, a commercial can, in essence, reach a buyer several times a day. A person may have caught only a glimpse of the ad on TV, but the song has stuck with them. The viewer's only reference for the song is the product it is linked to, so even if it is just for an instant, he has no choice but to think of the product.

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