Music Logo Design

Written by Michael Federico
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Music logo design serves a similar purpose to that of graphic logo design. It is used, primarily, as a sales tool. More specifically, it is used to generate rapid brand identification in consumers.

Many ad agencies are finding that music logo design has even more power to reach buyers than its visual counterpart. The use of sound as a brand indicator allows companies to advertise to people who are focused on something else. A music logo design played on a store's sound system will be heard by everyone on the floor. Even if shoppers are looking at other products, the ad can be effective. When the music logo design is coupled with a visual image, as occurs often on TV commercials, it reinforces product recognition. This two-pronged marketing style has proven to be very effective.

Who Provides Music Logo Design?

In the past, when a brand was ready to hit the market, graphic artists would be sought out to create a symbol for the product. While this is still a regular practice, more companies are now looking for someone to produce a music logo design, as well. This entails working with an agency that employs skilled composers and sound designers.

A music logo design does not necessarily have to be melodic. It can simply be a sound bite or a single chord. Professional agencies that provide design, staff people who can fill all of a client's audio needs, including logos, sound effects, or original compositions.

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