Music Production

Written by Michael Federico
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Music production has gained more recognition as styles such as hip-hop have thrust the producer into the limelight. This has allowed the listening public to better understand how important quality music production is to a song or a score. It has the ability to revolutionize genres and the industry as a whole. Certain albums surfaced in the 1960s that showed bands what could truly be accomplished in the studio, and rock and roll was never quite the same.

While breakthrough music production relies heavily on gifted producers, it also benefits from technological advances. There are things that can be done now that simply could not be done in the past. Improvements in sound design and recording have led people who are outside of the music industry to seek out music production companies to assist them with their audio needs.

Music Production for Television

The days of the simple, straightforward newscast are gone. Programs have become far more theatrical in recent years. Graphics, elaborate openings, and solid music production have helped usher in the age of infotainment. These elements have become so prevalent in the news today that they are easily parodied on programs like The Daily Show.

Along with network news, short documentary programs that appear on many of the cable networks rely heavily on music production. It keeps the show moving, and it makes for smooth transitions. Sound design of this nature can be handled for networks by outside organizations. These production companies can work fast and in a variety of formats.

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