Music Production Cd

Written by Michael Federico
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Music production CD libraries can be a soundman's dream. A single music production CD can sometimes have 30 or more variations of one song. Each track can approach the same melody in an entirely different style. On the other hand, all 30 tracks can be different compositions all done in the same style. A talented engineer or producer could do the entire sound design of a news broadcast using only one disc.

Music is not the only thing to be found on a music production CD. Effects ranging from birds chirping to guns firing are accessible, as well. There are also collections of effects that cannot be so easily defined. The fusion of sound bites and noises not found in nature can create entirely unique soundscapes.

Making a Music Production CD

Putting together collections of music and sounds that can be used in movies and television, and on the radio, is not a simple task. At least, not for those who have no background in music or sound design. For professionals, creating an original music production CD for a network, film crew, theatre troupe, or ad agency, is simply part of the job.

A company can sell a general music production CD package to a client. It can also create a custom disc based on the specific needs of the buyer. If an original film score is needed or a never-before heard sound must be developed, a professional sound production company can make it happen.

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