Music Production Library

Written by Michael Federico
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Music production library collections can feature lyric-heavy songs, instrumental compositions, and sound effects that can be plugged into almost any TV show or radio program. Live recordings, symphonic pieces, electronic beats, and sound bites are just a few of the tracks one can find in a music production library. CDs can be made up of slight variations on a theme or a wide variety of selections.

Delving into the music production library of a sound design company can be an arduous process. To speed things up, most companies will divide music into TV-specific terms. For instance, certain discs will have themes that are great for a show's opening sequence, while others will consist entirely of transition music. These categories can be further broken down into genre or mood.

Creating a Customized Music Production Library

Networks can hire specialists to create original music for their programming schedule. These songs will be featured in promotions, on live shows, or anything else produced by the network. Even a small, local channel can build up its own music production library.

Having a variety of unique recordings at their disposal allows programmers to quickly put together TV and radio spots. This increases a network's ability to advertise, and it also generates an extremely flexible sound design for nightly news programs. No matter what stories or segments arise, there more than likely will be a piece in the customized music production library that fits.

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