Music Scoring

Written by Michael Federico
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Music scoring in film and television can be as important to the storytelling as the dialogue or visuals. There are times when music scoring can serve as the subtext for a scene. It can give insight into a character's true intentions, or hint at what lies ahead. In horror movies and thrillers, the score can even be used to stand in for a character. The murderer may not be seen until the end of the movie, allowing the music to do most of the dirty work.

The aspect of music scoring that makes it truly powerful is its ability to affect an audience on a subconscious level. There are times during a movie when a viewer feels a certain way, but he can't pinpoint why. If the person were to go back and watch the scene again, he would often find that something in the score was causing him to react as he was.

Music Scoring Professionals

To be successful in the world of music scoring, it often takes more than raw talent. Many of the finest composers do not write good scores. Time is usually a major factor in score writing, and this constraint can undo even the most skilled. Also, there are elements crucial to film music scoring that are not necessary in free standing compositions.

Many who specialize in music scoring have joined together to form music production companies. Groups of designers and composers offer their expertise and services to directors and producers. Many have even branched into the marketing field, creating corporate and promotional music.

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