Music Themes

Written by Michael Federico
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Music themes are no longer just the domain of sitcoms and popular superheroes. They have made their way into the news, computers, and cell phone ringers the world over. It is not even inconceivable for people to develop their own personal music themes.

There was a time when music themes simply got people ready for whatever radio program was to come on next. This carried over directly from radio to television. Music themes were used over the opening credits, and along with either wacky or extremely dramatic images, they set the tone for the show. Now, however, music themes have moved well beyond their past roles, representing businesses, retail products, and even presidential candidates.

From Old-Fashioned Jingles to Modern Music Themes

Using music themes as ad tools is not a new idea. The jingle has been around since the dawn of audio commercials. However, the way in which businesses employ music themes today greatly differs from the jingles of old. It took several minutes for those kids to teach the world to sing in the soda commercial, and even the shortest jingles usually had some connection to the product.

Modern day commercial music themes do not have to mention the item they are advertising at all. In fact, they do not even have to have been created for the product. Many companies are simply taking songs that reside a bit off the pop charts and using them in commercials. For the few in the public who are familiar with the song, it is always somewhat strange. However, for most, the song will be forever linked to the product in their minds.

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